Lab Members

Ian Hamilton


Graduate Students

Dee Bolen
Jennifer Hellmann
Elizabeth Hoskins
Isaac Ligocki My focus of study is how group structure is preserved in cooperatively breeding societies, in spite of asymmetrical individual interests. In particular, I am interested in how 3rd party interactions can play a role in alleviating these conflicts. My experimental work is focused on the Lake Tanganyikan cichlid Neolamprologus pulcher, I also plan to utilize asymmetrical multiplayer game theoretical models to further address these questions.
Erin Lindstedt I am interested in how environment shapes the transmission of information in group living organisms. Specifically, I am interested in how predation risk (both acute and over evolutionary time) influences how individuals use available social information. Currently, I am using various species of Gambusia to answer questions of predation risk and social information use.
Andy Yoak

Former Postdocs and Graduate Students


Wiline Pangle

Suzanne Robertson

Roger Schürch


Erin Greenlee
Jonathan Hall


Dessa Bokides

Heather Smith

Oyita Udiani

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